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At American Pro in Houston,TX we understand the importance of proper maintenance and service. We are here to help you keep your Air conditioning system in optimum condition year round. Our expert technicians will ensure you get the best performance out of your Air Conditioner with our prompt and professional expert services.

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Air Conditioners are an important system in your home. They work hard to ensure your home is comfortable all year round. However, like all systems, they require maintenance.

Maintaining your air conditioner is about more than just changing the air filter. You love being in air-conditioned buildings because they make you feel comfortable. When your thermostat tells the system to cool your house, it relies on several different small parts working together to make that happen.

It can be tough to notice when something goes wrong with your air conditioner. For example, if you have low coolant in your system, it'll still turn on and try to keep your house cool, but you will have a harder time doing it. That can lead to an uncomfortable home and higher energy costs over time.

American Pro HVAC Houston TX
provides quality workmanship that leads to long term customer satisfaction.

Call American Pro in Houston, TX for quality AC service!

American Pro is always here to support your home air conditioner unit. We will make sure your air conditioning system is running at peak performance all year round.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Schedule annual service for your air conditioner unit to ensure its longevity and optimum performance
  • If you notice a drop in the unit’s cooling efficiency or an increase in noise, that could be an indication of more serious problems that need prompt attention
  • It’s important to use the appropriate type of air conditioning cleaner and lubricant on your unit; that ensures clean coils and effective air flow
  • If you have an electric unit, keep the unit’s filter clean. A dirty filter can cause the motor to work harder, which shortens the life of the motor
  • Be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations for changing air filters on your unit. Obstructions in the air filter chute can cause increased wear on the motor and other parts of your air conditioner unit.